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CAT C54, Installation, 1996, moss, clay, wood, Maribyrnong Arts PrecinctCAT C54, Installation, 1996, mixed medium, Maribyrnong Arts Precinct.jpgCAT C54, detailCAT 54 bumping outCAT Obj 14 Homage to Jean Leunig, Women's Gallery, Australian Contemporary Art Fair, 1996Obj 14 detailCAT Obj 29, Blk still life set up 2CAT Obj 24, Bundanon paper workCAT Obj 27CAT Obj 28CAT Obj eCAT Obj 28hCAT Obj 28fCAT Obj 28bCAT Obj 29a  OCxiiiCAT Obj 25 Mine ConstructionCAT Obj 25a Mine Construction detailCAT Obj 3, GameCAT Obj 17 Echoes of Things Remembered, detail. Fletcher Challenge Award, NZCAT Obj 28ti